Oakwood Baptist

Leaving a lasting legacy on their city.

Brand Strategy   |   Visual Identity   |   Business Cards

“We want to more accurately represent who we are as a church… a logo to fit who we are and where we’re going.”

This project was produced during my time as Creative Director at https://emery.agency Copywriting by Ben Emery and Gina Yu. Development by Brett Laub. CEO John Emery.


In late winter, a church in rural Georgia reached out to us to help them rebrand. Their church had a strong legacy in their community, but had let time get away from them and their visual identity no longer resonated with their church culture. They needed something new that didn’t feel foreign to their ethos.

The Results

The final solution references the tree rings you might find in an old oak tree… Speaking to the legacy and long-time investment in their city. The typeface is modern and clean, but has a bit of grit to it, fitting a younger audience in rural Georgia.

Brand Colors






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Brand Voice

Youthful. Vibrant. Welcoming. Nurturing. Positive.