Liberation Food Co.

A business created to promote & foster the idea of Biodynamic food products. Beginning with coffee from Peru.

Our Role
  • Branding
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Design


“Vizzacco Design was the 4th graphic designer I danced with to find the right logo for Liberation Food Company. [They] used our previous month’s work with other designers and changed our logo into something that really reflected our brand within 48 hours. I’m really happy to have found [them].”

Mike Liberatore
Founder / Owner Liberation Food Co.


For the identity we felt it was important to keep the mark organic and uncontrolled – breaking free of a geometric system – the liberation of form. What we ended up with is a mark that can be read as many elements; a leaf, mountains, reflected glaciers, a tree, or a feather. Paired with a tall, modern sans serif the total logo feels youthful, fresh, organic and progressive.

A mockup of the coffee bag ( before the actual design ) which was used as a marketing piece for a crowdfunding campaign.

Final label designs are currently awaiting Organic certification

Original mark prior to our involvement was lacking the refinement and character needed to support this Biodynamic product which visually needed to live in the same visual space as patagonia or other premium, organic-lifestyle brands.