Kimball Farm

A New England tradition, since 1939.

The sights, scents, and smiles of summer—all year round.

This project was produced during my time as Creative Director at Copywriting by Ben Emery and Gina Yu. Development by Brett Laub. CEO John Emery.

Kimball Farm approached our team to help refine their brand strategy, internal culture and visual brand elements. A family-owned company for nearly 80 years, we defined the longstanding values and captured what had been passed down (in a spoken tradition) from generation to generation of owners. From there we refined the visual identity and began implementing the new strategy across the Farm.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Refresh
  • Environmental Signage
  • Product Mockups

Visual Identity

It was essential for Kimball Farm that the updated identity stay true to their heritage while moving them forward with a clear direction and flexibility.

We used a traditional serif typeface very similar to fonts they used in the past and modified the characters to be both easily read and unique to just them.

The ‘K’ was designed to flow into the type mark. The letterforms were softened to be more friendly, the counter forms of the letter ‘a’ were extended to be more legible. We transitioned the logo from all caps to title case to also be easier to read and more friendly. The primary logo with its curve was based on some of Kimball Farm’s original illustrations. We created a flexible logotype system with variations of curved, straight and stacked logotypes.