Cape Vida Wines

Wines from South Africa

Naming    |   Brand Strategy   |   Voice   |   Visual Identity   |    UI / UX Design

A New England Wine Company giving back to its product’s homeland.

Emery partnered with the New England based wine company to establish a visual identity system and packaging for a premium boxed wine. The wines originate and are imported from South Africa, sold in the United States with a percentage of each sale making its way back to great causes in South Africa.  


The creation of Cape Vida’s packaging and brand assets was first a research project into South Africa to study its cultural visual expressions. We took inspiration for the box from African Shwe Shwe cloth. Shwe Shwe is a printed dyed-cotton fabric popular in South Africa – manufactured in a variety of colors and characterized by intricate geometric patterns.  

Brand Colors





Pattern Exploration

The Challenge

The packaging must look premium yet accessible with an obvious nod to its heritage.

Process Work

The original product brand name was “balanced rock” but unfortunately deep into the creative process our client’s lawyers recommended a name change to avoid issues moving forward. We had to go back to the drawing board and craft a new name that would fit with the existing concept and design exploration. If you look at the logo, you see the origin of the original name. The proposed and selected new name, Cape Vida is a reference to the wine’s location, along with Vida which means life.  

Here is some of the process work: