A not for profit with a culturally sustainable and field tested sanitation solution for the developing world.

Josh Vizzacco and I have worked together for 8 months from a standing start on a public charity start-up.

As the visionary, founder & CEO of said charity, SRS (Sustainable Rural Sanitation), I needed a ‘Brand Relationship & Strategy’ practitioner to inter alia (a. translate my objectives into a recognizable brand and (b. produce the relevant marketing material including the building of a website.

Josh has exceeded my expectations and I’m delighted with the results to date.
Amenable to clients insistence on certain issues when it makes sense (without being a pushover), he exercises a skillful amount of give and take when needed.
He stands his ground in own areas of expertise but withdraws gracefully, when warranted, without jeopardizing the relationship.
As a self-starter, Josh is a pleasure to work with.

He is an enthusiastic, committed, team player who has demonstrated unquestionable ability to quickly and successfully interpret his client’s objectives.
Highly competent, professional in his dealings, incisive, reliable and dexterous, his workmanship demonstrates a high standard of excellence.

Josh is a man of integrity and a promise-keeper.
I look forward to an ongoing personal and business relationship with him in the future, and have no hesitation in unreservedly recommending him for similar work.