It's all about individual perspective in relationship to that world view.
Beautiful isn’t it?

Create a new brand identity and system for RISD Pre-College that speaks directly to both the student / parent audience but also the fundamental principles of what make RISD such a unique place to learn from.


The creation of RISD Pre College’s new brand was a collaborative effort with Vizzacco Design and designers; Laura Sorenson and Kristin DiVona.

print designed brochure for risd pre college
a RISD painting class studio

RISD’s new brand is at its core about the unique perspectives of the students, faculty and educational structure. The brand is about bringing all of those unique points of view together while remembering to look through and beyond your own view to the world around you. Because RISD’s program is so amorphous we created a logo mark that could be infinitely explored – inviting new patterns / colors / forms to enter, what we call, the ‘view finder’ to give it form and create a set of logos as diverse as the education and people involved.

risd pre college brochure design