Specialty food products from every corner of the planet.

Create an attractive set of packages that differentiate our brand from competitors and each product from the next. Do this while achieving simplicity, clarity of information, oh yeah, keep our print costs down too.

These are the finalized packaging designs for Pookis Mahi’s new product launch. This package design presented a few unique challenges. First, for every color bag produced there are many variations of product. To keep costs down we designed a system in which a second clear product label containing unique information was placed on top of the bag rather than printing multiple bags. The white stripe down the center of the bag is actually printed directly onto the bag and the area containing the product name, weight and other info is on a clear adhesive label. This was also the case for the information on the backside of the bags (not shown here).

Another challenge was that the bags have a tear top. Original design concepts using a sticker which wrapped over the top of the bag would have created problems for buyers when opening and resealing the product. Again this was solved by printing the white stripe. it serves as a faux label.