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Growing up with parents who ran small businesses, taking part in those day-to-day events, and seeing the pride in entrepreneurial spirit made my decision to venture out on my own the only real option for me.

Through my art training and eventually my degree studying graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design I came to the decision that my passion is in helping businesses be all they can be, and more, through visual communication and graphic design.

I started with identity systems for small businesses, then spent years studying web design/UI, usability/UX and designing sites for fortune 20 companies, and large corporations as a contractor at several Rhode Island marketing firms.

My passion, today, is still helping businesses with their graphic design, but equally important, helping businesses see themselves in exciting new ways through brand development and strategy. Finding the hidden story within a business and pulling it to the surface – letting its authentic qualities drive both business and design decisions.

This thoughtful consideration of the business, its audience paired with expertly crafted design solutions and a keen sense of empathy and usability brings my clients an unparalleled advantage over their competition and strengthens the business for years to come.

I hope you’ll take this deserved opportunity to differentiate your business and give us a call. We’d be happy to sit with you and talk about the ways we could be your branding partner.

Joshua Vizzacco

Joshua Vizzacco

Joshua is the owner and founder of Vizzacco Design. He started the agency in 2009 - immediately after graduating from The Rhode Island School of Design (where he met Carolyn)

Joshua leads his clients with enthusiasm and a genuine care for their success. No brand or design challenge is too small or large.

Joshua's design experiences and passion for designing creative solutions has made him a flexible and meticulous brand designer. Bringing business thinking and design thinking together he approaches every project with a keen eye and heart for understanding brand values which he translates into perfectly aligned design.

Carolyn Spinney

Designer and Art Director for powerhouse agencies and companies such as Hill Holiday and WayFair.com

Carolyn's education was actually in Industrial design and for a while worked in the industry with Blu Dot furniture as an intern and Farm Design as a product designer. Carolyn has an elevated sense of design and sees how parts relate in design systems, interior design, and fine arts that most do not. She is consistently in front of trends and has a unique style. She brings a natural and intuitive clarity to even the most complicated design challenges.

Business Associates

Marketing - Christine Fiske, owner of Fiske Marketing

SEO & Copywriting - Rich Collins, owner of Thirst Productions

Web Development - Katie Okolita, owner of Oak Maine

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