Social Circle

An app for those ready to ditch the social network giants.

Our Role
  • Design
  • UI/UX

Coming soon


Improving usability, updating UI and leaning into brand values to deliver a product that resonates with a growing & passionate audience.

I worked with the application developer, Dave, auditing the current UI/UX and making recommendations and adjustments to the existing design. I also worked with him to develop a couple user personas which allowed us to think through the needs, wants, desires of the potential audience. We are currently working together to continually and incrementally improve the design so that it supports the exciting functionality coming in the near future. As well as focusing on the application itself I am working with Dave to build the foundation of his brand, leveraging strategic findings to build elements that align to the values he is baking into his product. Our conversations have and will cover many topics from crowd funding tactics to building an audience, content marketing and the visual identity, typography, colors of his brand.