Less chaos, more you.

Branding   |    UI / UX Design    |    Wireframes    |     User Personas

How do we create a brand for an app that wants to help people do more, and be more human?

This project was produced during my time as Creative Director at Copywriting by Ben Emery and Gina Yu. Development by Brett Laub. CEO John Emery.


Nexxle is a free web-based app that lets you organize your personal and work life, all on one uncomplicated platform. Integrate your life. Set your priorities. Understand your time, instead of running out of it. We came on board to work with Nexxle’s founder to develop a brand strategy for the application as well as design its identity, branded elements and work with Nexxle to reduce, refine and improve the user experience through simple interactions and minimal design

How do we design an app that offers users everything they need, and works easily?

An ongoing project with a startup app developer. My involvement has been to incrementally update usability and design of the app and making recommendations along the way to better the product. The product itself is still far from completion and we’ve been working in short sprints to tackle challenges along the way.

Wireframes and High Fidelity Designs

Whiteboard Sessions = Results

User Personas and Mapping

Component Design & Iconography

Emery worked with the Nexxle creator to take the understanding of the business and give it depth and character. We did this through strategy meetings where we went from ‘productivity app’ to ‘Less chaos, more you’ with an emphasis on being there for people in a very minimal way – no frills, do excessive or complicated design – we want people to use the app and get ‘back to their weekend’.

After strategy helped position Nexxle and give it a unique perspective we built out a new, modern, human, simple logo mark as well as color, type, icon and video assets to support the new identity. We partnered with Nexxle to run UI/UX audits of the current app, make suggestions and build out design files for the Nexxle team to develop. From the website landing page to the UI/UX of the app itself we have helped steer Nexxle to somewhere we never expected but always try to obtain – the truest version of itself.