Mobile-first client portal for daycare centers

Our Role
  • Responsive web

This project was done during my time working with (add)ventures in Providence, Rhode Island. I was the sole visual designer and worked with a project manager, as well as an information architect.


How do we design a mobile first portal that is as easy to use as possible and supports guardian needs around financial and personal information as well as child safety?

My assignment was to work alongside the research team, information architects and project managers to design the visuals and layout for a mobile first web portal for KinderCare. This web portal is first and foremost for parents and guardians of children in the care of KinderCare facilities.

The project focused on creating clarity for parents or guardians during the enrollment of their children as well as the management of their financial and health information. Another major component we designed for was the authentication / verification of guardians and administrative roles/privileges for caretakers.

Who is allowed to pickup the child(ren)? When can they pick up the child(ren)? What are the emergency contacts? What food allergies does the child(ren) have? What health issues d0 the child(ren) face? How do you handle information when parents are separated and only have custody of a particular child on a particular day?
Loaded questions and concerns for parents and guardians. We had to design around their needs. Create clarity through language, design, iconography and intuitive user flow as they make their way through the enrollment process.