Best Practice Energy

A New England energy consulting firm needed a fresh face and an easy to use web experience.

Our Role
  • Creative Direction
  • Branding
  • Website Redesign
  • Style Guides

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Vizzacco Design was brought in to partner with Best Practice Energy for a brand refresh including positioning, brand voice work, tagline and a new website. We began with a competitive landscape review to see where we could differentiate in visuals and tone. Then we brought the identity system into the next generation and built around it a simple to use color palette and typography system. From there a new website was designed and developed.

Visual Identity Update

BPE didn’t want to differ to far from their original logo mark – and we saw areas where it could be improved immediately. We spent time reworking the construction of the symbol, simplifying the forms, and strengthening the mark. We paired the symbol with the typeface Source Sans Pro but modified the B & P characters to tie the logotype with the symbol and make it more unique. A simple and fresh color palette was developed to support the visual identity.

Finding the Truth

After interviewing key stakeholders we examined their responses for overlap of similar values as well as inconsistencies between the responses. The exercise was meant to clarify how the business should portray itself moving forward. Here is what we found to be true:

We allow our clients to stay ahead.

We sit on your side.

We work closely with _______

We build long-lasting business relationships.

We pro-actively acts on behalf of our clients

We are supplier neutral with unbiased views.

We want to truly help our clients.

We provide our clients with the expertise, technology, and transparency.

Archetype: GUIDE. ADVISOR.


Based on the findings and our business as an archetype we need to be communicating to our audience using these words and words like these to reinforce our brand.