Meet our team

We work with a team of talented people who help us deliver exceptional creative to our clients.

Carolyn Vizzacco Headshot
Carolyn Vizzacco
Creative Director, Owner

Carolyn is a powerhouse creative director who brings polish to all of our design initiatives. Carolyn has worked for agencies like Hill Holiday and served as an art director for

Joshua Vizzacco
Art Director, UI Designer

Joshua has been involved in every stage of the design process on projects large and small - from branding new local businesses and startups to designing on nationally recognized corporate websites and taking part in teams on the redesign of as well as designing and maintaining complex visual pattern libraries for digital products.

Kristyn Lak Miller
Copywriting - Marketing

Kristyn Lak Miller is a freelance marketing and editorial copywriter. Kristyn enjoys the challenge of getting to know each client and producing creative, compelling, can’t-ignore copy - for everything from online ads to magazine articles - that reflects each client’s unique voice and specific needs. “I’m impressed, and I’m never impressed,” a client once said to her. When she’s not writing (impressive!) copy, Kristyn enjoys traveling with her husband and children, reading memoirs, and cooking elaborate meals for her family and friends.

Ben Emery
Copywriting - Brand

Ben has a knack for getting to the heart of brands. With a background in serving new and well-known businesses in New England, he brings vision and clarity of voice to every client we work with.

John Hubler
Design & Development

John specializes in designing and building digital products and web apps. He brings a wealth of knowledge in many key areas of business design and marketing to get the job across the finish line.

Erik Bowen Johannessen
Animator / Video Editor

Erik is a talented animator specializing in marketing. Applying his skill set to make social, advertisements and video content fluid and professional